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Make an appointment

When you call us our well-trained healthcare co-ordinator will ask you some details regarding your enquiries and appointment request. The information you provide us will ensure we can deal with it efficiently and the most appropriate way.

Many requests do not need an appointment with a clinician. Appointment requests are all triaged by a doctor. Doctor may offer you an appointment by phone, video or face-to-face with a doctor or a nurse. It is also possible that our healthcare co-ordinator calls you back to pass on the advice from the clinician.

Booking appointments

To book an appointment, you can call the practice on 0141 584 2500.


Phone 999 if it's a medical emergency.

Out of hours

If you need help when our practice isn't open:

Keeping appointments

It's important that you keep to your appointments. You have rights and responsibilities as a patient. Find out more about the Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities on NHS inform.